The Big Picture

New Badge:

A Modern Original

On 26 December 2015, the Club revealed a new badge to fans following a 30-day consultation with Cityzens supporters.

The consultation process sought to establish whether fans would like the Club’s badge to be changed, and if so how. It also sought to gauge which symbols supporters considered most authentically relevant to the Club and the city of Manchester.

Thousands of Cityzens members gave their views via an online questionnaire and dedicated consultation space at the Etihad Stadium. Hundreds of supporters also attended a series of free lectures on the history of the badge, provided by football historian Gary James.

The new badge, lauded as a ‘modern original’, marks a return to its historical round shape and features a series of iconic Manchester symbols – the ship, the three rivers and the red rose of Lancashire.

For the first time, the Club included the year of its foundation as a nod to its rich history within the Manchester community.

The new badge was officially launched in July 2016.