City Football Academy


The Club’s physical environment has changed dramatically in recent years, most notably as a result of the development of the Etihad Campus and the City Football Academy.

The Club is proud to report the return of butterflies, moths and birds, and early evidence of dormice, to a previously polluted site in East Manchester.

LED lighting was introduced at the stadium in June 2015, which meant the installation of 5,272 new LED lamps. This and other investments in to new infrastructure and technology has resulted in a reduction in energy use at the Etihad Stadium of almost one-million kw hours.

The Club’s focus on waste reduction continues, with 0% of waste to landfill.

Members of a local primary school, St Brigid’s, visited Manchester City to learn about soil pollution so that they could consider ways to cultivate their own produce as part of the Manchester Environmental Education Network.

A new waste to water system was installed, meaning all waste water from grounds activities is recycled and reused at the City Football Academy and Etihad Stadium.